Two New EEOC Disability Discrimination Cases – Reasonable Accommodation, and Disability Screening

I have attached below clips from two new disability cases posted on the EEOC website. One case involves the reasonable accommodation issue, and the other case involves disability screening. Note, and this is important, EEOC website clips present only one side of the story. There is always more than one side. But I have attached these clips because they present the EEOC viewpoint, and they do highlight that there are a lot of business issues and situations involving and relating to disability discrimination.

This first clip is from a case involving American Airlines, dealing with reasonable accommodation. Again, I note that this is the EEOC viewpoint – I believe that the EEOC overstates the employer’s obligations.

This second clip is from a case involving Amsted Rail, dealing with alleged disability screening. Again, this presents only the EEOC’s viewpoint.

That’s all for now. I’m David Tate, and I’m a California litigation attorney, and I also handle governance and risk management. You need to consult with an attorney or appropriate professional about your situation. This blog post or video or audio is not an advertisement or solicitation for services inside or outside of California. Thanks for listening, viewing or reading.

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