Goodell – NFL – I’ll Run It Better For $2 Million A Year . . . Qualifications . . .

I have read that the contract for the NFL Commissioner position is being negotiated, with a salary range of $30,000,000 to $50,000,000 per year, plus perks. I’ll be Commissioner for $2 Million a year, and do a better job. The Commissioner’s position is high profile, but its not good when the Commissioner personally becomes such the focus of public discourse, and a battlefield for control between the owners, players, fans and the public.

For example, the Brady situation could have, and should have been handled very different. See prior blog posts for May 7 and 20, and August 13 and 22, 2015 at

A summary of my qualifications to be Commissioner:

Experienced lawyer and counselor on complicated matters including legal issues, workplace and employment, governance, litigation, corporate, abuse, directors and officers, etc. I have seen and have been involved in a lot of diverse, difficult situations.

CPA experience, in addition to finance and tax.

Board and audit committee chair leadership experience.

Very good interacting with people from different backgrounds who have different positions in complicated and highly charged and emotional situations, and keeping things from boiling over, while working toward positive resolution.

Experience as a mediator.

No baggage, unlike the current Commissioner.

A good feel for issues involving people, fans, the public, and running a business.

Ego in check.

More . . . .

Best to you, and looking forward to 2018. David Tate



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