In all categories – Law, Risk & Gov – Nuclear board warns of Hanford tank explosion risk . . . do we have a warm comfortable feeling about this?

The article reads, Board warns key US senator of explosion risk at nation’s most contaminated nuclear site. For interesting reading, Click Here For Article.

I don’t believe anyone really needs to say much about this topic.  We could go into great detail, but a couple of questions that I would want publicly answered if I was the Senator (actually the entire Congress and the President – somewhat like the people in charge, like a CEO or the Directors): what is the current state of the situation from a risk management perspective, what is being done, what will be done and when, how is all of this being monitored, and when will we be receiving future updates?

As the public, and if I was an elected representative, I would want to know these things at a minimum – don’t you want to have a warm and comfortable feeling that things are being taken care of?  Accidents or unforeseen events still do happen of course, and it isn’t always someone’s fault, but that is one area where risk management and leadership or governance can come into play.

Dave Tate, Esq. (San Francisco)



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