Roy Moore – some comments about handwriting authenticity

Roy Moore and his possible handwriting have been in the news.

It has been suggested that his alleged handwriting should be analyzed. That would certainly be done if this was in a court of law. Of course, this issue is now in the court of public opinion and social media.

Here are a few thoughts and comments about handwriting authenticity. Of course, there are facts, documents, testimony and other evidence that we don’t know, and that hasn’t been explained. Handwriting authenticity is an interest issue. I have had this issue in multiple cases.

Each party would want to have a handwriting expert evaluate the original of the questioned handwriting. The original may better show such things as pressure, starts and stops, changes in strokes, and whether or not different pens were used.

You would also want known accepted handwriting samples from Roy Moore that were written relatively close in time to when the questioned handwriting was written, and if possible that were written with a similar writing instrument.

I would caution that handwriting definitely is not an exact science, and with a little experience or some classes it’s not hard for a person to hold himself or herself as a handwriting expert.

Which means that different handwriting experts can focus on different things, and will have different opinions.

For credibility purposes, I would want a handwriting expert who has training and experience through the FBI or other law enforcement.

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