We need a new push for civility in how we communicate with, and in how we physically and mentally treat each other – audio and text

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Hello, I’m David Tate. I’m a California litigation attorney, and I also handle governance and risk management.

We need a new push for civility in how we communicate with, and in how we physically and mentally treat each other.

Do these ring a bell:

Name calling;

Gross hyperbole, unsupported assertions, or mischaracterizations; or

Destructive talk for no other purpose except to denigrate, disparage, vilify, belittle, bully or demonize the other person or argument?

This is a tough topic because generally, and constitutionally people are entitled to their right of opinion, expression and communication or speech, and the manner in which they do it – people legitimately do express themselves and act in different manners, as long as it isn’t unlawful.

And people are entitled and encouraged to advocate for their positions. Indeed, if you don’t advocate, your voice will not be heard.

Censorship, and regulating speech in general, are not the answer as they can tend to lead to oppression or at least suppression of speech, ideas, information and communication.

Often there is no clear bright line over which people should not cross in their communications. Sometimes those issues end up in court before a jury.

I’m just saying that with all-the-time, instantaneous 24-hour news and social media, and with what I am hearing and seeing daily, it seems clear that we need a new push for civility in how we communicate with, and in how we physically and mentally treat each other.

And I would like to see all of us, including people who are in positions of leadership or power, and who should have integrity, make that push and encourage others to also do so.

Who knows, maybe there will be a new interest in teaching and learning oral and written communication and persuasion methods and techniques, and in spotting false, misleading or unsupported techniques and arguments.

That’s all for now. I’m David Tate, and I’m a California attorney. You need to consult with an attorney or appropriate professional about your situation. This blog post or video or audio is not an advertisement or solicitation for services inside or outside of California. Thanks for listening, reading or viewing.

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