LawRiskGov – $200 Million Annually For Non-Oil Research

In all three LawRiskGov categories, proposed federal payment of $200 million annually for research to get cars off oil,  Click Here For Story, yes, might be a grand idea, but only with worthwhile and profitable new results that actually work in the near future.  I would love to see ordinary cars that get 60 to 100 mpg.  Some of the questions that Congress and the President might want to ask or answer:  legally, who owns the technology that would be developed (the taxpayers?); why $200 million; who decides where the money is invested and in which projects; how do we judge success and the value of success; what new ideas and technologies are going to be developed, how much will actually have to be spent on the development to finished product, and what and when will the likely technology be put into commercial use for personal cars; what and when is the likelihood of success or achievement; how is putting an additional $200 million per year into this sufficiently better than what is being worked on now; what is the anticipated return on investment; etc.  You get the picture – the same type of ordinary prudent things that you would ask and want to know if you were CEO, the board, investors, VC, etc.

Please click, use, and pass along to anyone who might be interested:

1. New Board of Directors Annual Self-Evaluation Form, Board Of Directors Annual Self Evaluation Form David Tate Esq 03142013

2. Slightly revised and updated Audit Committee Annual Self-Evaluation Form, Audit Committee Annual Self Evaluation Form David Tate Esq 031413

Dave Tate Esq. (San Francisco)

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